4 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Hire a Fly Fishing Guide

4 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Hire a Fly Fishing Guide

Fly fishing guide services can be found in all 50 states and across the globe, for good reason! 

It’s a fairly big commitment to spend hundreds of dollars to enlist a professional guide for the day, and anglers want to be sure that their investment is worthwhile.  Fishing with a guide means more than just fish in the net, although that’s certainly part of it. Here are four reasons why hiring a guide is the best money a fly fisher can spend! 

Knowledge of Local Waters

It’s hard to beat a guide’s knowledge of local waters, regardless of what fish you’re after.  Their livelihood depends on the ability to put clients on fish and show them a great day. This can come in handy when trying to learn all about the fishing close to home.  A day with a guide can yield a plethora of spots that can be fished after the trip and enjoyed for years to come! 

Time Maximization 

For anglers with some experience, new waters can be learned eventually. Trout streams are trout streams whether they are in Colorado or New York, and folks can spend time learning all about a new location and catching fish…with enough time!  Guides can eliminate the time it takes to learn spots and flies and speed things up a bit. This is especially important if you’re traveling through an area for a brief period of time. If you have five days to fish an area, you don’t want to spend the first three just learning where to go.  Hire a guide on day one and enjoy the benefits for the rest of your trip! 

Catch Fish! 

Catching fish isn’t the only thing that matters on a guide trip, but it’s pretty important!  Guides don’t stay in business very long by having clients get skunked, so they typically know where the fish are and how to catch them.  There are extraneous factors at play, such as weather and stream levels, but fly fishing guides are in the business of getting their clients on fish! 

Rigging Expertise 

Each guide has their own way of doing things, from weight placement on a nymph rig to spacing between a dry and a dropper.  This is really where anglers of all skill levels can take advantage of their time with a guide. Pay close attention to how the guide is rigging, and ask what the thought process is behind doing it that way.  Taking those little tips and strategies back to your own waters will often result in a more efficient and productive way of fishing. 

Deciding to book a guide for a morning or full-day is a true investment.  There is much to be gained from having access to a professional fly fishing guide and using your time on the water wisely!  Pay close attention to how they do things and ask plenty of questions. Not only will it result in fish caught that day, but plenty of fish on trips to come.

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