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1. Woolly Bugger (Sizes 4-12)

Woolly Buggers are extremely versatile streamers perfect for nearly every body of water and can imitate a large variety of food sources such as baitfish, damselfly larvae, and large mayfly emergers.

2. Ella’s Beast (Sizes 8-10)

Ella’s Beast is a smaller flashy alternative to the Woolly Bugger. This pattern is extremely deadly in smaller streams and around the soft edges on sunny days. It’s, also, not a bad stillwater pattern for panfish and bass.

3. Lunchable Streamer (Sizes 1-2)

The Lunchable streamer is the perfect streamer for going for depth in deep pools and long runs with plenty of pulsating movement.

4. Bunny Buster (Size 8)

An excellent bunny streamer to swing through a deep pool for trout or strip for warm water fish.

5. Mallard’s Better Baitfish Golden Shiner (Sizes 2)

Mallard’s Better Baitfish Golden Shiner can be jerked, jigged, stripped, and swung. It’s true, big fish need more protein. Insects are just an appetizer for the main course. Make sure that you grip tight because they hit hard and run you into your backing.

6. Muddy Bunny (Sizes 4-8)

An excellent freshwater predator streamer that offers spectacular movement for trout, bass, pike, and everything in between.

7. Roger’s Truck Stop Special (Size 4)

Roger’s Truck Stop Special is a killer streamer with stellar action. The erratic darting motion of this wounded fish pattern is irresistible to larger freshwater fish.


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8. Beef Curtain (Sizes 1/0)

The Beef Curtain is an articulated streamer with 2 forged steel hooks and weighted eyes. Beefy articulated streamers offer excellent movement that attracts larger freshwater predators.

9. Cone Head Muddler Marabou (Sizes 6-12)

Muddlers are one of the most successful searching patterns when conditions are tough to read. The cone head allows these patterns to get down fast in heavy water and the marabou offers spectacular movement. We, typically, strip this pattern through a riffle and any neighboring pools.

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