Author - Justin Hunold

Fly Fishing Scuds And Sowbugs For Trout

There are times of the year when an angler may go to the water anticipating catching fish in a particular way and it just doesn’t happen. This can be especially true during the colder fall, winter, and early spring months. These times are the perfect time to tie on one...

What Is Euro Style Nymphing And How Do You Euro Nymph?

Euro nymphing is a specialized form of fly fishing using only heavily weighted nymphs with no split shots or strike indicators. It has been referred to as Czech, French, Tight-line, High Sticking, and Polish Nymphing. European nymphing was formally introduced in 1989 at the World Fly Fishing Championship by Wladyslaw...

Beginner Fly Fishing Casts You Need To Know

How to cast a fly is basic in its simplest form. This is what we are about to cover. There are, for all intents and purposes, two casts that you need to know. Overhead Cast Roll Cast There are many other casts, such as the bow-and-arrow cast for casting in dense...

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