Best Fly Fishing Gifts for Beginners

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Best Fly Fishing Gifts for Beginners

Need a last minute gift for that special fly angler in your life?

The holidays are upon us and with Christmas less than one week away, it’s not too late to hook up the fellow angler in your life with a last-minute gift. Now, normally I’m not one to condemn last minute shopping but it just seems unavoidable this time of year. Hopefully, the list below makes your last-minute shopping for the beginner fly-fisherman or woman in your life smooth and easy.

Guided trip The Fly Crate team took on the Susquehanna River.

Full Day Guided Trip:

A day spent with a guide as a beginner is hands down one of the very best ways to gain a solid foundation of angling skills and knowledge. Guides can offer an abundance of knowledge that is only gained from experience. The beginner angler in your life will be forever thankful! The best way to set up a guided trip is to call your local fly shop.

For less than a new phone and a bit more than a dinner out, you can gift them an experience they will remember for the rest of their life. We took a trip out for small-mouth bass on the Susquehanna River with Brian Shumaker of Susquehanna River Guides, which was $325, in total, for the two of us.  It was incredibly simple to organize and set up. Most guides will provide you with everything you need. But, they will also inform you of what you’ll have to bring along.

A River Runs Through it:

To put it simply, this book, which was later made into a movie starring Brad Pitt, is a cultural icon in the fly fishing industry. Generations of anglers have been inspired by it and regardless of your angling knowledge it is must read, or watch for any angler.

The Flyfish Journal:

As a beginner, there is no better way to get inspired that by reading the stories of phenomenal anglers from around the world. The Flyfish Journal has pages upon pages of stunning imagery and stories that entertain, this timeless publication is a must-have stocking stuffer.

Membership to The Fly Crate:

Arguably, flies are one of the most important aspects of fly-fishing success. Entomology is also a difficult subject to grasp, especially as a beginner it can seem overwhelming at first. There are many different kinds of flies, drys, nymphs, and streamers and trout feed on each in different ways.

Simplify it for the beginner angler in your life and give the gift that keeps on giving, with a subscription to The Fly Crate! The angler can discover new flies each month and gain helpful tips and knowledge included in the subscription.

Happy Holidays and Tight Lines!

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