Best Fly Fishing Gifts – A Guide Approved List of the Best Fly Fishing Gifts

Best Fly Fishing Gifts – A Guide Approved List of the Best Fly Fishing Gifts

Fly fishing is a gear-centric sport. One of my favorite aspects of the sport is that there is an endless amount of cool equipment to choose from at different price points. If you are looking for gift ideas for the fly fisherman in your life, then look no further. Picking the best fly fishing gifts can be tough. We are going to come up with a well rounded guides guide to choosing fly fishing gifts for all budgets.

Fly Fishing Gifts $25 and Under

One Dozen Assortment of Attractor Flies

Every fly fisher needs more flies. While $25 worth of flies is not a lot, it is significant, and it when done right it is an intentional gift. Choose a small assortment of well selected attractor flies. While you may or may not know what hatches or fly patterns your fly fisher prefers, choosing attractor flies is an excellent way to know that no matter where your angler fishes, you are choosing flies that will work. Attractor flies are flashy flies that do not imitate a specific hatch but provoke strikes due to their flashy attractive nature. These flies work well in many types of rivers and lakes. They are also much more intentional gift than just buying generic pheasant tails or hare’s ears. There are many options to choose from, but if you don’t know which ones to buy, it is wise to go with a regularly sized nymph or dry fly in size #16. A few nymph flies to consider: the Mop Jig, Green Weenie Jig, Rainbow Perdigon Jig, Purple Hot Spot, and Rainbow Warriors. For dry flies or foam, consider the following: Snyder’s Mad Hopper, Royal Wulff, Purple Haze Parachute, and Mr. Rapidan.

Fly Box – A Fly Fisher Can Never Have Enough Fly Boxes

Every angler needs fly boxes. It is an essential item. As your angler progresses through the sport of fly fishing, they will need more and more of these.

The Fishpond Tacky Daypack Flybox 2x is one of the best fly boxes out there. Using patented silicone tacky technology, this tiny fly box makes the perfect gift for the angler who has lots of flies and doesn’t want to have to leave any at home. It carries a whopping 360 flies, and with the tacky silicone technology, gone are the days of flies falling out of slots and loosely rolling around your fly box. In addition, the latches magnetic closure gives you easy access to your flies with a secure closure. The slim profile allows the box to slide in and out of pockets for wet wading, or save tons of room in boat bags.

Indicators – For Nymph Fishing Adventures

Indicators are used by almost all fly fishermen. This is what makes them great fly fishing gifts. Indicators are the golf tees of the fly fishing world. You can never have enough.

Indicators have evolved over the years and the newest and greatest invention is the Oros foam indicator. Gone are the days of small parts to lose, tangling your leader on the post of the indicator, and strike indicators slipping down your leader.

The Oros strike indicator uses two foam hemispheres that screw together that form a tight fight on the leader. Over-sized threads make securing it to the line effortless. Unscrew the two foam-grip strike indicator hemispheres and place the line in the screw slot. These are game changers.

Fly Vines Fly Fishing Lanyard

Lanyards, bracelets, eyeglass retainers and even accessories for your dog are fly fishing gift ideas for under $25. Utilizing fly fishing’s greatest environmental hindrance used fly lines, Fly Vines recycles used fly lines and creates fly fishing accessories for hardcore fly fishers. Sporting unique colors and many different designs there are lots of options here for shoppers on a budget.

Fly Vines lanyard is one the most popular lanyards in the industry. Not only they are unique in appearance, but they are also designed with a breakaway washer in emergency situations. Fly Vines fly fishing lanyard keeps all your fly fishing tools handy, but is built with safety in mind.

Simms Tippet Caddy

Having plenty of tippet handy and easy to access is important when you are on the water. In addition, tippet caddies keep your tippet organized and tangle free. They are an essential piece of equipment that every angler needs.

The Simms Tippet Caddy is a basic but effective design that does everything your angler wants. The tippet caddy can accommodate 6 spools of tippet from most manufactures. The carabiner allows for easy attachment to a variety of places on packs, waders, and vest.

Fly Fishing Books

There are a ton of excellent fly fishing books that will make a great fly fishing gift. That being said, there are many good ones and then there are some truly amazing ones. My personal favorite fly fishing book is Renee Harrop’s Learning From The Water. Renee Harrop is the dean of the Henry’s Fork River, one of the most technical fisheries in North America. He is a master of both angling prowess and fly tying.

His knowledge is second to none, and Learning from the water is a rare insight into one of fly fishing’s greatest minds. While this book is geared towards fly fishing the Henry’s Fork River, the author breaks down the river by hatches and then gives you his fly tying recipes for each hatch. Fly fishermen of all ages and skill levels will learn a lot from reading this book, and the same hatches happen across many parts of the country. This is a must-have fly fishing gift for any angler’s library.

Any Derek DeYoung T-Shirt

While many fly fishing gift ideas are focused on technical gear, Derek DeYoung shirts and apparel make excellent gifts for anglers that can be worn on fishing adventures or for a casual day off the water. Derek DeYoung is one of fly fishing’s most popular artists and for good reason.

His brightly colored fish prints veer from realistic fish paintings and instead, focus on his unique style and loud color palette. Many of his brown trout and rainbow trout paintings have been featured in magazines and are seen on fly shop walls. These same paintings are printed on T-shirts, UV Shirts, Hats, and face masks that can be found on his personal website. This is a great gift idea for both men and women fly fishermen.

Simms Taco Wader Bag

One of the most annoying parts of fly fishing is keeping all the gear you have organized. Furthermore, much of the gear comes back wet. If you are carrying these items around in your car or storing them in your house, then one of the best gift ideas is the Simms Taco Wader Bag.

The Simms Taco Wader Bag is a genius invention that makes storing your wading gear easy. Forming the shape of a taco, this 600 denier bag is virtually bomb proof. After fishing you simply unfold the taco and it gives you a clean dry place to get out of your wet waders. Any water from dripping waders will evaporate through the vented bag so that your waders are mildew-free and can be stored in the taco bag for the entire off season.

Fly Fishing Gifts $75 and Under

Practice Casting Rod

Scientific Anglers Practice Caster is an awesome fly fishing gift that will help your angler anywhere anytime. This is one of those fly fishing gift ideas that is useful away from the river and allows anglers to hone their casting skills. A small version of a full fly rod, the Practice Caster is a 47″ rod that perfectly mimics the mechanics of a full size fly rod. This allows fly fishermen to practice casting techniques outdoors on the lawn as well as inside the house. What sets this apart from other practice rods on the market, is that it comes with three foam target trout and instructions for casting games. Make fly casting fun for everybody, as this allows all in the family to participate.

Mier Waterproof 30 Liter Backpack

In my opinion, there isn’t a more important piece of equipment than a waterproof bag for storing valuables while wet wading on the river. Waterproof bags are often very expensive. That is why the Mier waterproof backpack offers fly fishermen a small waterproof fishing bag at an affordable price. The 30L backpack is the perfect size for a fly fisherman heading out on a day of adventure. Featuring a roll top design, it is easy to get small fly boxes, water bottles, cell phones, and other essential items in and out. A waterproof fly fishing bag is an excellent gift idea for anglers who fish from a kayak or inflatable raft.

TroutRoutes Subscription

One of the most daunting aspects of fly fishing is getting started. Not only is there a lot of gear and technique to learn about, but figuring out where to go fish can seem difficult for beginners. For expert anglers looking for new water to explore and destinations to fish, TroutRoutes is an awesome fly fishing gift. Loaded with maps and information it is useful for both beginner and expert anglers. TroutRoutes is the number one fly fishing mapping app that gives you tons of fishing destination ideas.

TroutRoutes can be downloaded to both Android and Apple iPhones. The app gives you relevant fishing information for streams, rivers, and lakes across the country. This is a very similar app to OnX or GoHunt. Mapping features include: Topgraphic, Satelite, and hybrid maps, elevation features make 2D maps come to life, Guide mode maps help anglers identify blue ribbon and gold medal streams, Boundary overlays identify private, public, and public access points for anglers looking to navigate private property and right of ways, live up to date stream gauges for accurate stream flow, customizable markers, and downloadable offline maps when you are off the grid. The amount of information that can be gleaned from the data truly is amazing and this is an app everybody can enjoy.

Fly Fishing Gifts Under $100

Headlamp – Fly Fishing at Night

Fly fishing at night is becoming more and more popular. When I fly fish at night, a dependable headlamp is an essential item. This is a gift that every fly fisher should have. These make a great gift too, because they can be used often when not fly fishing. These could be great for stocking stuffers for both anglers and non-anglers. As a fly fishing guide, I always carry a headlamp in my boat or in my pack.

The Fenix HM60R Rechargeable Headlamp is perfect when it is time to change flies or add some tippet on in low light conditions. Rechargeable and offering three light settings, it gives fly fishermen plenty of visibility in low-light conditions. In addition, it features a red light to save your night vision and keep you from spooking fish. The batteries are housed in a waterproof compartment making this a great gift idea for anglers.

Trout Unlimited Membership

A Trout Unlimited membership is one of those gift ideas that we can all feel great about. Trout Unlimited is an organization made up of fly fishing guides, your local fly shop, businesses, families, and individuals. Trout Unlimited’s main purpose is to protect and advocate cold water fisheries. There are many different levels of sponsorship ranging from $12-$295. This is a fishing gift that keeps on giving and makes a difference for years to come.

An Assortment Of Flies

If you have a fly fisher that is new to fly fishing, or you are shopping for someone that already has everything, then buying an assortment of flies is one of the best best gifts. Your local fly shops are a good place to shop and ask for advice for specific rivers, but if you are looking a large fly selection and quality tied flies then using online retailers to shop for flies is a great option.

Choose a well rounded selection of flies. On most bodies of water there are fly patterns that work universally well. Mayflies in the wild are generally brown, so impressionistic fly patterns in brown and dark grey colors work well. If I were going to choose an assortment of flies and my budget was under a $100 This is what I would choose.




Fly Fishing Gifts Under $250

Fishing Net With A Magnetic Net Release

Without a doubt, my most important piece of non fishing fly fishing equipment is my net. Having a long handled net with a fish friendly ghost basket is essential for the serious fly angler. When it comes to fly fishing gifts in the $200 range a long handled landing net is a solid choice.

Fishponds Nomad series of nets are excellent fishing gifts because they offer both mid and long handle options which is essential when choosing a landing net. The additional length makes getting fish in the net so much easier. In addition, they are light weight and have a large mouth for netting big fish.

A great add on gift for fly fishers is a magnetic net release. This makes it easy store your net when you are wading, and keeps the net out of the way but handy. With long handled nets like the Nomad series, I prefer to just tuck the net in between my fishing vest and back. However, a magnetic net release is cheap and some fly fishers might prefer the consistency that it offers.

Sage Spectrum Fly Reel

One of the best fly fishing gifts out there is a new fly reel. Fly reels are an essential piece of fly fishing gear. Fly fishers chasing large fish need a fly reel with a great drag system. The Sage Spectrum fly reel is one of those fly fishing gifts that offer great value without breaking the bank.

Offering fly fishers the advantage of a large arbor fly reel for faster line pickup, the machine tooled reel housing and vented spool offer rugged reliability at an affordable price. In addition, the drag system is a fully sealed synthetic drag that makes this a well built piece of fly fishing gear for fighting some of the biggest gamefish in North America.

Fly Line

You may think, what a lame gift idea. But, that’s simply not the case. The fly line is one of the best bang-for-your-buck things to buy and will bring a smile to any fly angler. With that being said, they will appreciate it much if they are just starting out or have been fishing the same fly rod for a few years.

Nothing bothers me more than old fly line that sinks. Every fly angler could use a new fly line, which is why fly lines are excellent fishing gift ideas. Choose an all around fly line to accommodate any style of angling. Just make sure the ‘weight’ fly line you get matches the weight of the fly rod. For example, you get a 4 weight fly line for a 4 weight fly rod. You can quickly check the weight of their fly rod by asking them or taking a look at the brand labeling just above the cork handle on the fly rod. You should notice it saying a number followed by “weight” or “wt”, which will let you know the exact fly line weight you should get. If the fly rod mentions two different weights like “5/6” or “3/4” weight go with the higher number.

We you go to purchase you’ll notice different options with weird combinations of letters and numbers such as WF3F, WF4F, WF5S, etc. For example, WF4F means “weight forward 4 weight floating fly line” the “WF” stands for weight forward, which helps with casting. The number is the weight of the fly line and the “F” at the end stands for “floating.” On the other hand, an “S” at the end stands for “sinking” fly line, which is only used by fly anglers who love fishing streamer flies — which isn’t what you’ll want to gift for most fly anglers. Stick with the floating line as everyone practically uses this type.

There are a million different fly lines on the market, and if you are not sure which fly line your angler prefers, then go with the Scientific Angler Textured series of lines. The Amplitude Texture Infinity is an excellent all around line that fits any fishing style. Weighted half a size heavy, this fly line does it all. From shooting heavy streamers tight to the bank, swinging wet flies, or delicately delivering dry flies to weary brown trout, this is an all around effective fly line. When it comes to fishing gifts, you can be assured that you are buying your fly fishermen a line that matches their fishing style even if you know nothing about fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Gifts Under $500

Patagonia Swift Current Wading Jacket

Having the right fly fishing gear can make or break your day. Whether you are fly fishing for an afternoon or going on multi day trips, wading jackets are an essential piece of fly fishing gear. A solid waterproof jacket is a piece of gear that fly fishers should always have with them. This makes wading jackets an excellent fly fishing gift idea, and the features offer more than your conventional rain jacket

The Patagonia swift current wading jacket features both waterproof and water-resistant fabric to keep your angler dry on the nastiest of streamer fishing days. The Patagonia Swift Current Jacket is Patagonia’s most technical wading jacket. It is loaded with features. Made of Patagonia’s waterproof and breathable H2no fabric, anglers will stay warm and dry. The jacket is loaded with multiple pockets for fly boxes, tippet, and other essential angling items. Patagonia has also incorporated an adjustable hood, watertight adjustable cuffs and much more.

Wading Boots Or A Wading Shoe

Personally, I am not a huge wader wearer as I feel that fly fishing waders are often overutilized for no real reason. Most of my fly fishing is done on hot summer days, so I prefer wet wading. Here in Colorado and Idaho, I spend much of my time wet wading and hiking into remote areas, or away from the parking to lot find the best dry fly fishing. If your fly fisher prefers to wet wade, forego the wading boots as a fly fishing gift and go with a wading shoe.

The Simms Flyweight Wet Wading shoe is modeled after a beefy trail running shoe and provides many of the same comfortable features of a standard hiking shoe but with the added features of Simms’ best wading boots. A vibram sole offers added grip on slippery rocks. They are also stud-compatible, and the web lacing system offers fly fishers added comfort.

GoPro Hero 11 – Waterproof Camera

The best part of fishing is the memories that we make as anglers. Capturing those memories on an iPhone works well, but I have dropped my cell phone into the river many times. Utilizing a waterproof camera to document beautiful fish in incredible environments is a fun way for your angler to remember all their fishing excursions. The GoPro Hero 11 is an excellent gift for any angler because they are fun for both fishing and nonfishing activities.

The GoPro series of waterproof cameras has come a long way since the Hero 1. The Hero 11 is fully waterproof, and it shoots in crystal clear 5K video. It also features GoPro’s hyper stabilization technology, so gone are the days of annoying shaky video that is difficult to watch. The GoPro app also creates automatic hi-light videos, so fly fishers who aren’t into editing videos, can now enjoy ones created for them.

Guided Fishing Trip

If your angler already has lots of gear or doesn’t need more fishing gifts, then a wonderful gift idea is a guided fly fishing trip. There are many advantages to a guided fly fishing trip that make it such a wonderful gift idea.

Guided fly fishing trips are unique ways to make memories and learn on the water in real-life situations. Most guided fly fishing trips cost the same price whether you fish alone or bring a friend. Bringing a friend along allows for fishing memories that can be shared together. In addition, fishing with a guide is an excellent way to learn new pieces of water or fishing techniques from an angler who is better than you. While other pieces of fishing gear wear out, go unused, or simply get lost, the knowledge and memories from a guided fishing trip last forever. GoGuide is the go-to site for finding a qualified fishing guide in various regions across the United States.

Fly Fishing Gifts Under $1000

Fly Rods As Fishing Gifts

Rest assured that I am speaking from experience, and few anglers would argue with me, that you can never have enough fly rods. I can assure you that if you are looking for a fishing gift that your fly fisher will not be disappointed with, then buy them a high-end fly rod. While the price point is steep, top-of-the-line fly rods are made in America, and as such, most fly rods come with a lifetime guarantee.

This makes them one of the best fly fishing gifts out there because you know that unless your angler loses the rod, it is going to last them the rest of their lives. Think about it, what other product on the market offers consumers a lifetime guarantee no questions asked. There isn’t one.

The Scott’s Centric series of rods are second to none when looking for a fast action fly rod to tackle the world’s most sought after freshwater fish species. The Centric series of rods offers an ultra fast action tip for greater casting accuracy, increased distance, and tighter loops which gives you better control in windy conditions. In addition, an increase in graphite density has created a stronger but lighter fly rod for greater durability. Titanium guides are lightweight and indestructible making this one of the best rods in the world.

Fly Fishing Gifts Under $5000

NRS Slip Stream Fly Fishing Raft

I just bought mine, so I guess I’m biased. One of the best fly fishing gifts out there is no doubt a new boat or raft. I currently have and have been guiding out of a drift boat for over a decade. While we could debate the pros and cons of both, the slipstream raft offers anglers an incredible fishing platform at an unbeatable price. I searched long and hard on which raft I wanted to purchase on a limited budget. The slipstream checked all the boxes and the angler in your life will love it too. First off, the price is unbeatable. Compared to other rafts in its class, the quality of the boat is incredible. The frame alone is worth the price. Made out of high quality sturdy aluminum machined in NRS’s frame shop, it features two casting braces for anglers. I have fished in many fly crafts, and the frames aren’t comparable, and quit frankly the fly craft frame seems flimsy in comparison.

Furthermore, the fly craft series of boats are pretty small and in some cases unstable, I have been in one that rolled over in relatively flat water, so I am speaking from experience. The Slipstream is a full size raft that can accommodate my family of five. That’s two adults and three kids. The basic package comes in just under 5K, so this an affordable boat for many anglers looking to reach deep water and hard-to-get places. The NRS Slip Stream features a drop stitch self-bailing floor and internal anchor system. The best way to describe the floor would be to picture a giant paddleboard. The inflatable floor blows up and when filled with air it is rigid and stable. This eliminates the need to incorporate internal casting platforms. Eliminating casting platforms reduces the weight of the boat and the drop stitch floor provides a stable fishing platform in conjunction with the casting braces. If you have ever fished from a raft, then you know that there are plenty of places for flies and fly lines to wrap around. The anchor rope is one of those places. NRS has engineered its anchor system to run inside the raft frame. This makes fishing out of the Slip Stream much more efficient and hassle-free.

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