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A trico spinner with extra flash in the wings.

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Tricos are in full swing from late Summer to mid-Fall each morning when the sun hits the water. You’ll find huge swarms of trico spinners dancing in figure-eights above the water. As the swarm of spinners descends onto the water trout will immediately take advantage of the easy meals. Use this trico spinner with just a bit of extra flash within the poly wings to cast directly in front of rising trout.


  • Pair these tiny trico flies with a more visible fly like the elk hair caddis for a 2-dry fly rig.
  • If regulations allow, use a multi 3-dry fly rig to increase your chances in this order…Elk Hair Caddis…Trico Spinner…Trico Spinner.
  • Make soft casts that drift slowly onto the surface.
  • Cast a few feet in front of the rising trout.
  • Present the fly first. Avoid casting overtop of the trout.


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