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A 4 fly pack with 2 of each color of the conehead style brush bugger.

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4 in stock

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Eric’s Conehead Brush Bugger is the upgrade to the common Woolly Bugger with its furry body that pulses like crazy with the water. One great way to fish this streamer is by stripping it slowly in from the far side of the fishing hole towards the bank. Use this tan streamer in sunny weather with clear water.

Larger fish will target smaller baitfish that are weakened by the cold weather. The best way to target these fish is to wade upstream from the hole and swing this fly from side to side; don’t forget to vary the length of each cast. Use this black streamer in cloudy, overcast weather with murky and dark water.

  • (2) Black Brush Buggers — Size 6
  • (2) Tan Brush Buggers — Size 6

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Estimated delivery date 2020/06/05
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Estimated delivery date 2020/06/05
Estimated delivery date 2020/06/05
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