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A flashy caddis emerger that is great for nymphing rigs.

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On a classic three nymph setup, use this as the middle fly to imitate the emerging caddis headed for the surface. The flashy “cape” is a great imitation of the air bubble used by bugs in their ascent to the surface! For those days when the vibrant colors are too much for spooky trout, consider using the Caped Avenger. This fly can be fished in a multiple nymph rig, but it can also work as the trailer fly behind a dry. It won’t sink to the bottom, but will imitate an emerger and pick fish off higher in the water column.


Chartreuse, Copper



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Estimated delivery date 2020/07/19
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Estimated delivery date 2020/07/19
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Estimated delivery date 2020/07/19
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