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A golden stonefly pattern with great movement and hefty weight.

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It’s no secret that trout love stoneflies, and the only real question is what pattern should an angler pick! Those who have used the golden hawn will attest to its effectiveness on waters from the Smokies to the Sierra Nevadas. By adding rubber legs, the extra movement gained will be enough to drive trout wild. This is a big, heavy fly that is best used on a nymph rig. Unless fished under a very large, buoyant dry fly it will most likely drag down anything other than an indicator. While a lot of nymph rigs feature three flies, an effective early-season rig can be this stonefly trailed by a worm imitation.

  • Tungsten bead for a fast sink-rate
  • Rubber legs for added movement
  • Wire body for added weight




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