Sculpin Streamer Assortment $12.95
Meat Lover's Streamer Assortment $32.95

A 4 pack of dense conehead streamers for diving deep.

2 in stock



2 in stock

(2) JR’s Conehead Streamer Natural — Size 4

The sleek appearance of the conehead streamer makes for an ultra-realistic baitfish pattern. A combination of white and olive with just the right amount of flash makes this fly a mainstay in fly boxes everywhere. Being available in sized #2-#6 just adds to its value and versatility.

(2) JR’s Conehead Streamer Olive — Size 4

Bass are infamous for aggressive takes that border on violent. Despite this reputation, sometimes they can be as picky as a spring creek brown. When softer presentations and more laid back colors are the trick, stick to JR’s Conehead Streamer in natural. As an added bonus, the color scheme does a perfect job of mimicking small suckers so don’t be shocked when a northern pike hammers this on the retrieve!

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