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A 8 pack of streamers perfect for all skill levels with a slim fly box.

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(1) Shumaker’s Shimmering Minnow — Size 2/0

Designed by the famous fly fisherman, Brian Shumaker, the Shimmering Minnow streamer is specifically designed to entice even the most selective monster predatory fish like trout, bass, and pike.  It is tough for large fish not to notice this swimming through the water. Tied with a hinged tail-end, this highly articulated streamer swims effortlessly like a distressed bait fish. Any amount of light will magnify the fluorescent eyes and ultra-flash holographic body, attracting any nearby fish in clear or murky waters.  This is one fly you will regret not to have. Give it a go and never look back.

(1) Conehead Muddle Minnow — Size 6

Contrary to popular belief, fish will hammer streamers year round and not just during the fall spawn! Few patterns have as much history as the Muddler Minnow, and it’s because it just flat out catches fish. Never leave home home with a couple of these famous flies!

(1) Mule’s Great Lakes Gobie — Size 2

This flat head streamer dives fast and moves lots of water—attracting the attention of larger fish. Don’t use any leader or tippet that’s smaller than a 3x or you’ll risk losing this hunk of meat.

(1) Newbury’s Jig Head Sculpin — Size 6

Fishing streamers is totally different in the fall and winter than during the summer months. Instead of stripping in at a fast pace, you will want to go slow and pause between strips. You’ll also want to use weighted streamers to get much deeper. The good news is that this pattern is designed to dance along the bottom with the hook presented upwards to avoid any snagging.

(1) Black Brush Buggers — Size 6

Eric’s Conehead Brush Bugger is the upgrade to the common Woolly Bugger with its furry body that pulses like crazy with the water. One great way to fish this streamer is by stripping it slowly in from the far side of the fishing hole towards the bank. Use this tan streamer in sunny weather with clear water.

(1) Tan Brush Buggers — Size 6

Larger fish will target smaller baitfish that are weakened by the cold weather. The best way to target these fish is to wade upstream from the hole and swing this fly from side to side; don’t forget to vary the length of each cast. Use this black streamer in cloudy, overcast weather with murky and dark water.

(1) Chartreuse Meat Whistle Streamer — Size 4

(1) Black Meat Whistle Streamer — Size 4

The Meat Whistle is a combination between a rabbit leech and a jig, excellent for fishing along the bottom without getting snagged. Target areas along big boulders, submerged trees, vegetation, and under overhanging branches. Strip the Meat Whistle in and pause between strips to allow it to rise and fall.

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