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A 5 pack of popper and streamer patterns perfect for warm water species.

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Over the year’s we’ve come across many warm water patterns that we come back to time and time again. We’ve decided to put a few of those patterns into one fly pack, which includes poppers and streamers.

(1) Fire Tiger Foam Popper w/ Weed Guard — Size 6

You can still catch bass on poppers all the way up until things get icy. As the winter slowly moves in, fish tend to get more lethargic. Most will have moved into deeper water by now so you will have to look for water that is more open to sun and along deep pockets.

(1) Foam Popper Frog w/ Weed Guard — Size 6

Bass can sometimes be found in coves busting shad and baitfish. But, your best luck is to fish along warm water discharges into your local waters.

(1) Campbell’s Popping Bugger — Size 6

This funky looking popper is perfect for warm days along breeding beds and shorelines. Spot slow moving areas along deep pools and pockets.

(1) Chartreuse Baitfish — Size 6

A slender baitfish pattern for skinny water. This light-weight streamer is perfect for imitating baitfish in distress that hugs the surface.

(1) Troy Basso’s Lil Sculpy — Size 2

Deep water, look-out! Designed to drop like a Clouser Minnow and move like leech, you can get down to those winter holding levels and flick right in front of their faces.

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