Top 5 Fly Fishing Podcasts

Top 5 Fly Fishing Podcasts

It’s the future of content consumption!

Americans are devouring podcasts in record numbers, and the fly fishing community is no different!  The ability to get our fishing fix, or learn about fly fishing, at the gym or on our morning commute changes the game entirely.  There are plenty of worthy “pods” out there but below are a few favorites that anglers should download and try out.

The DrakeCast

One of the best out there is The Drake magazine’s podcast with host Elliot Adler.  It’s part fly fishing, part conservation, and part culture in nature as they take listeners around the country in pursuit of fish and the stories that come with them.  Episodes featuring Hank Patterson, updates on forest fires, and life on bonefish flats ensure that there’s something for everyone on this hit podcast. A dose of live, from-the-boat interviews give The DrakeCast an edge and uniqueness not found many places elsewhere.

The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast

Host Tom Rosenbauer is a legend in the fly fishing world and he brings some serious star power to The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast.  Most episodes are broken up into multiple segments, one featuring interviews with leading industry professionals, and another with listener questions answered with informative responses.  It’s a great mix of entertainment and learning for anglers of all skill levels.

Fish On The Brain

Sadly, this podcast ended in October.  The good news is there are over 70 past episodes still in the hopper and available to download!  Host Tim Evans, a native of Casper, Wyoming, covers fly fishing for smallmouth, tarpon, trout, and everything in between.  Pepper in interviews with Team USA Fly Fishing members, prominent artists, and expert guides and Fish On The Brain easily becomes a podcast listeners can churn through in no time!

Anchored, With April Vokey

April Vokey is one of the most well-known and respected individuals in the fly fishing community. On Anchored, she has conversations with folks like Eva Shockey and Les Stroud discussing fishing but also larger outdoor issues like public land access and wild salmon returns. There isn’t much “how-to” in this one, but the entertaining interviews allow listeners the chance to learn more about professionals in the outdoor industry. Being multifaceted enough to have a conversation with Donald Trump, Jr. as well as Roland Martin makes Anchored a captivating listen.

The Flyfishing97 Podcast

Interviews with guides, fantasizing about New Zealand brown trout, the art of tying flies, and gear reviews make up this up and coming pod. Mark Hopley, host extraordinaire, says “I started the podcast because I couldn’t find enough detailed information on fly tying, stillwater strategies, conversations with passionate people in the industry, and I was always looking for more to make my time on the water more productive and enjoyable.” He achieves these goals and then some in a show designed to share knowledge with listeners in a way that is inclusive to all while instilling a passion that is sure to grow the sport of fly fishing.

Give these shows a listen, and it’ll be easy to understand why they are some of the hottest podcasts in the fly fishing world. There’s plenty of knowledge to gained, laughs to be had, and fish to be dreamed about. All that’s needed is a download for a morning commute or a jog at the gym!

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