Yes, fellow fly bums, it’s mid-summer and times can be tough. Getting skunked is a usual occurrence as the water gets a wee bit warm. Trout make their way into deep, oxygen-rich pools and it can be hard to get at them. But, for cool summer evenings with loads of caddis and mayflies emerging, go swing some wet flies – you’ll love it.

Members across the United States have been fishing with So, here’s what our TFC Monthly Fly Club members got in July.

The question we get asked the most is, “Do you select the flies for my area?” The answer to that is, “Absolutely!” We wouldn’t want to send you flies that have no chance of catching you fish. Our team spends days researching and selecting specific flies from thousands of patterns. It’s crazy to think that different insects hatch in different regions at different times. There is always so much to consider before choosing flies for each month.

These meaty poppers are absolutely insane! We can’t thank Daniel enough for whipping these bad boys up for us.

For the past two months, we’ve teamed up with East Coast Fly Company to have custom poppers and streamers made for our Bass Species members. Not only that, but we share a thing or two so you’re always learning in conjunction with your flies.

A short article on mayfly nymphs by our good friend and microbiologist, Corey Conville.

Ever wonder what cool things those little guys and gals do under those rocks?

Hatches that are going on right now from California to New Jersey.

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