4 Fly Fishing Resolutions for 2020

4 Fly Fishing Resolutions for 2020

The ringing in of the new year often leads to sweeping life changes for folks across the country. 

Whether it be a new diet or workout regimen, most resolutions focus in on some sort of self-betterment.  There’s no reason those resolutions should exclude our fishing lives, however! There are plenty of ways to constantly improve our angling, both in the realm of community and skill-building. Here are a few ideas to make 2020 the best year yet!

Teach Someone New

Having someone to fish with makes pedestrian outings memorable.  Watching a new angler grow and come into their own in fly fishing generates a sense of gratitude and joy not often felt otherwise.  Teaching someone new can enhance relationships or friendships while forging new ones through a common love of the sport!

Learn A New Skill

One of the greatest aspects of fly fishing is the constant evolution of flies, skills, and techniques.  During this self-improvement time of year, don’t forget about fly fishing! Learn to Euro-nymph, fish double dry flies, or dedicate more time to streamers as a way to expand your repertoire and become a more polished angler. 

Explore New Water

Few things are more exciting than checking out a new body of water.  It could be a stream or lake you heard about online, from a friend, or even a spot your dad or grandpa fished years ago.  The new year is the perfect time to commit yourself to explore new water, and even if a few of them turn out to be busted, odds are at least one or two will be productive and make their way into the usual rotation of fishing spots!

Get Involved with a Conservation Group

Now, more than ever before, angler participation in conservation efforts is needed at both the state and national levels.  Make 2020 the year you get involved with a local Trout Unlimited, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, or local watershed group to make a difference in the places you like to fish.  It could be as simple as stream cleanup or assistance with habitat improvement, but every volunteer hour equates to better fishing!

Doing just a few of these things in 2020 can result in a better life for you, the fish, and other anglers.  When all of the new year/new me social media posts start to make the rounds, consider how to also improve your life as a fly fisher!

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