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An excellent assortment of barbless Euro nymphs and jigs perfect for trout.

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Out of stock

An assortment of 12 Euro nymphing flies hand selected from our best performing barbless nymphs. You will receive one of each of our favorite European style flies listed below.

  • Tungsten Bead Head Jig Woolly Bugger — Olive — Size #8
  • Tungsten Bead Head Jig Woolly Bugger — Black —Size #8
  • B Smo’s Jigged Caddis Larva — Size #12
  • Peeping Jig Caddis — Size #12
  • Tungsten Bead Frenchie Jig Nymph — Size #10
  • Tungsten Bead Newbury’s Dirty Hipster Olive — Size #16
  • Black Tungsten Bead – Girdle Bug — Size #10
  • Tungsten Bead Missile Nymph — Size #14
  • Tungsten Bead – Jiggy Perdigon — Size #16
  • Tungsten Bead – Rubber Legged Prince — Size #14
  • Tungsten Rainbow Jig — Size #16
  • Tungsten Bead – Walt’s Worm — Size #14
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