Champion's Tungsten Partridge Sulphur $1.69
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Blue Wing Olive Para-Emerger $2.25

An excellent nymph when selective trout only take mayflies breaking out of their nymphal shucks.

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Rod Champion designed this split-back sulphur nymph to float higher in the water column and represent an emerging sulphur mayfly. The yellow foam imitates the ‘splitting’ of the wing case during emergence and helps keep the nymph a little more buoyant. Sulphur hatches are popular for their density. In May through June, you’ll find trout feasting on sulphurs just before dusk. This is one of the most popular sulphur nymphs ever designed. Make sure to have both sizes to match the proper size of your sulphur hatch when trout aren’t taking surface flies.


14, 16, 18

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