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Flossy Worm Jig


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Tungsten beaded barbless worm for diving deep and constant jiggling.

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Elevate your fly fishing game with the Flossy Worm Jig, a true game-changer in the world of fly fishing. Crafted with expertise and designed to deliver results, this heavy and slim worm jig fly is your ticket to success on the water.

At the core of the Flossy Worm Jig lies a tungsten bead, ensuring this fly sinks like a stone. Whether you’re targeting elusive trout in deep pools or tempting bass in fast currents, the Flossy Worm Jig’s rapid descent is your secret weapon.

We believe in respecting the environment and the fish we pursue. The Flossy Worm Jig features a barbless jig hook, making catch-and-release effortless. Rest assured, your hookset is strong, and the fish remain unharmed.

The Flossy Worm Jig boasts a tantalizing secret: high-quality rubber floss material. This material mimics the movement of real worms, making it irresistible to a wide range of fish species. Whether it’s the lifelike wriggling or the vibrant colors, this fly is designed to provoke strikes.

The Flossy Worm Jig is available in two enticing colors – “Red” and “Pink.”

Master the art of fly fishing with the Flossy Worm Jig, a fly that combines precision craftsmanship with an uncanny ability to lure fish. Elevate your fishing experience, preserve the waters we cherish, and bring home trophy catches. Add this remarkable perdigon fly to your arsenal today and watch the waters come alive!

Don’t just fish; conquer with the Flossy Worm Jig!

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