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One of the most successful searching fly patterns for trout, the Tungsten Rainbow Warrior Midge fly pattern combines a tungsten bead with a bit of flash to produce spectacular results.

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Recently featured in the December Fly Crate Membership, we recommended this as a go-to searching pattern. When natural-looking imitations leave you fish-less, give the Rainbow Warrior a go. Here is a snip-it from the original tier, Lance Egan. “…Finally I put on a Rainbow Warrior. Three of these flies turned my 8ish-fish day into a 40-fish day. I kept one of the flies unharmed to ensure I could duplicate them! The warrior has since become one of my go-to patterns. I’ve taken fish on it from New Zealand to Alaska. It works surprisingly well in all water conditions, yes even in clear water; I know it is too flashy, but it works.”  ~ Trout Legend Website




16, 18, 20

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Great flies that do the job. They hold up very well. Thanks.

Everything is greaf

The fly are great and the service is outstanding!

Think of us as your butler. Thank you, Master Jeffrey.

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Estimated delivery date 2020/04/06
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Estimated delivery date 2020/04/06
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