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Troy Basso’s Blockhead Popper $3.69

A large streamer with a loud rattle to attract large predatory fish.

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  • 2/0
  • Chartreuse
  • Black
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Many years ago when I first started fly fishing for bass, an old timer once told me, “if it ain’t chartreuse it ain’t no use.” He then proceeded to hammer fish from the dock the rest of the afternoon while I frustratingly tried everything in my freshly stocked box. Point being, it’s an extremely effective color and it’s on perfect display with the Skerik’s Magnum Rattlestrip. Despite the undeniable productivity of chartreuse flies, sometimes the fish are a bit pickier. When that’s the case reach for one of these flies. Black is naturally a good choice for bass and the strands of flash will catch the attention of a fish before they promptly annihilate it.




Chartreuse, Black

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