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Welcome to the Quarterly Fly Club, your seasonal ticket to the finest fly fishing experiences! For $69.99 every three months, which is roughly $23.33 per month, embark on a journey with us as we curate and deliver a premium selection straight to your door, with free shipping included.

Each box is a treasure trove containing 36 expertly selected trout flies, tailored to match the current and upcoming insect hatches. This ensures you have the right flies at the right time, keeping you ahead of the game and ready for the waters ahead.

But the delights don't end there. Adorn your gear with exclusive, eye-catching stickers that reflect your passion for the sport. Dive into the accompanying fly guide, which details the flies in your box, providing insights on their use for maximum effectiveness.

And there's more – your membership includes a magazine brimming with tips and strategies, crafted to enhance your technique, knowledge, and love for fly fishing. This isn't just a subscription; it's an investment in countless memorable moments by the water. Join the Quarterly Fly Club today and cast into a new chapter of your fly fishing adventure!


Nathaniel Treichler
Aka "Nate"
CEO of The Fly Crate

The Fall & Early Winter Box Is Here!

A quick look at our Fall & Early Winter 2023 release of the Quarterly Fly Club.

Fall & Early Winter Flies

Members receive 36 flies hand-selected for fall and winter fishing, which consists primarily of nymphs and streamers. Learn how to fish each and every fly with single fly rigs, double-fly rigs, and under a strike indicator.

Oros Strike Indicator 3-Pack

With special permission from Oros, every Quarterly Fly Club gets a medium 3-pack of the best fly fishing strike indicators ever made. These are by far our favorite indicators, which are simple to use and biodegradable.

Retro Themed Stickers

We wanted to bring a new look to our sticker selection, featuring a retro style. This will be the last time we feature these exclusive artworks. Get them before they are gone.


FAQ’s of our new Pick & Choose Subscription.

How does this work?
  • Great question, and luckily it is simple. Every month for $19.95 you will receive $30.00 of The Fly Crate credit to use on all your purchases on our online store. You can use that $30 for any flies, gear, accessories, apparel, and swag available for purchase on our website. This is an amazing way to save money on items that you were already planning on purchasing.
What happens to my remaining Fly Bucks if I don’t use it all in one month?
  • Unused Fly Bucks roll over each month so you can use leftover credit on your next purchases until all $30 is applied. Your Fly Bucks will never expire, either. So even after you pause or cancel your Pick & Choose Subscription, your leftover credit will still be available.
When will my $30 of credit be available for use?
  • Immediately after you join our Pick & Choose Subscription, you will receive an email with your first $30 of The Fly Crate credit to use on any products within our online store. If you don’t receive an email about receiving $30 of Fly Bucks after completing your purchase of our Pick & Choose Membership, please email us at
Can I cancel or pause anytime?
  • Absolutely! Pause or cancel anytime you choose. It is surprisingly easy, too! Just log into your account and remove any subscriptions you want. Plus, there are no fees or hidden costs to cancel!
Are there any hidden fees or costs?
  • Nope! There are no hidden fees, costs, bamboozles or hoodwinking to joining our Pick & Choose Subscription. It is an honest $19.95 + tax for a hearty $30 of The Fly Crate credit.

Seasonal Boxes: Starts at $69.99 per quarter (every 3 months). With prepaid seasonal memberships, you save more at a comparison price of $23.33 per month.

100% Customized: $19.95 per month for $30 of store credit for you to shop directly from our online store and save. This is a virtual product for receiving $10 per month free. No membership box is shipped.

Select your options above by using the drop-down fields.

We ship membership boxes within 1-4 business days after your renewal.

Yes! Not only have we reduced prices and saved you money, but we’ve recently started adding gear into each and every box starting January 1st, 2022. Seasonal boxes will include fly fishing necessities and exclusive swag, such as fly leaders, tippet, hats, pack accessories, floatants, fly boxes, and so much more!

Of course! We offer multiple membership options that make it super easy on you and make for a kick-ass present. Just add the recipient’s name and shipping address at checkout so we know where to send it!

You may pause or switch species anytime you choose. You’ll be able to switch species within your Membership Account under the “Subscription” tab. Or you can send us an email at or contact us here.

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Learn And Restock Each Month

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Learn On The Fly

Receive a curated fly fishing magazine for each and every assortment of flies loaded with how-to articles and fly fishing instructions tailored to improve your skill.

Delivered Right To Your Door

Receive a box packed full with 36 flies hand-selected to match your local hatch each and every quarter, right to your door.

Catch More Fish

Every 3 months, receive a curated assortment of 36 trout streamers, nymphs, and dry flies chosen specifically for your region and season.

+1,000 fly anglers trust us

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High Quality Flies

Over the last 5 years we have vetted dozens of suppliers and now only source from a handful of the best tiers.

An adventure in every box.

An American Made Company

Assembled in Pennsylvania

Stickers designed by local artists

Boxes made in the USA

Containers +75% recycled content

Join the club now and start saving on flies each quarter while learning fly fishing tips and techniques.

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