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Chubby Chernobyl
anthony criscola

Chubby works, even on Alaskan bows

Chubby Chernobyl
Joshua Williams
1st Time Ever Fly Fishing

I went fly fishing for my first time ever and used the black/purple chubby Chernobyl with a missile nymph trailing it. I came up on a deep hole in the tiny creek that I was fishing while using a wooly bugger and I could see trout coming in and out of the hole. I casted that Wooly bugger at least 50 times with no bites. I switched back to the chubby Chernobyl and missile nymph setup and on my second cast I caught this beast. He nailed the chubby Chernobyl. He was 17 inches long. Unfortunately I didn’t have a scale so couldn’t weigh him. If you look closely at the pic you can see the chubby Chernobyl still in his mouth. I hope all of my future fly fishing adventures are as successful as my first. I already ordered more of these and plan to get all my future flys from The Fly Crate. Thanks for the awesome flys!!!

Trout Monthly Box
Gene Farley
Money well spent

I've had a subcription to The Fly Crate now for quite a few months. At first I had the Bass fly box and recently switched over to the Trout box without incident. Great flies and even better customer service!

Very nice fly

The craftsmanship is very nice. The quality in all the flies that I purchased was great. Will definitely purchase again

Blowtorch Jig
Brian VanBuskirk
Great fly that catches big fish

Been out twice now and used this as the point fly. Caught 22 with 18 taken on the blowtorch. Definitely should have a bunch in your box. In fact I just ordered more. Here’s a few of the fish which were 19-22 inches.

Best subscription for flies you can get

This fly subscription for me is the best deal around. I love that I can pick the flys I get every month, it allows me to refill my gaps in my collection, and also allows me to try new patterns I otherwise would have tried. The Fly Crate is my sole supplier of flys, everything I need I choose with my subscription. The price is the best part too, for $20 I get $30worth of gear! Doesn’t get better than that!

Working great in driftless

Recent trip to my local streams, caught 12+ rainbows/browns with sexy walts. These are highly effective in a euro-nymphing setup.

Holy Grail
Kevin Beard
Great fly.

I do a lot of steelhead fishing and this fly is great for those finicky fish. I definitely recommend.

Nuclear Caddis Pupa
Kevin Beard
Nice fly

Great craftsman ship. Very nice detail. Very fast shipping. Great experience.

Tungsten Jig Bugger
Kevin Beard
Very nice fly

This is a great fly to fish off the bottom and it really gets down to the fish. It never gets hung up. Great quality.

Sexy Walt's Worm
Kevin Beard
Very nice fly

Great detail. This looks like a very versatile fly can’t wait to use it.

Slim Silicone Box
Kevin Beard
Very nice fly box

Very well made fly box. I needed something durable and reliable and it looks like it will do the trick. Communication was great. It came sooner than expected. Great experience.

Trout Monthly Box
Steven Clark
Sorry guys

I was putting my flies into my box, and realized that your flies are better than post fly. 2 different sizes of the same fly is WAY better than only 1 fly in 1 size. They want some cake for the guide series that gives you a double of the same fly in the same size..haha... keep at it guys, you impressed me.

Sexy Walt's Worm
Anthony Bilenki
Walt’s worm

This fly is a go to in my fly box. It’s one of those flies you put on when you’re trying to understand what the trout might be eating.

Monthly subscription

I really like this subscription as it gives me the flexibility to pick the flys and equipment I want and not receive a box which is half full of things I don’t need or use. Its the best of both worlds for sure!!

Tungsten Jig Bugger
Peter Ballin
Bouncy bouncy!

These jig flies are awesome to bounce off rocks for smallies. Really well made and won’t get hung up

Mix & Match Subscription
DeWayne Strange
Great value, quick delivery!

I love this place! Great values, instructional tips and quick delivery. My order arrived quickly and everything was as advertised. I especially love the new "Mix and Match" subscription. Thanks a ton!

Perfect tools for the trade. Can’t wait to get in the water

Slim Silicone Box
Maryellen Lewis
Very handy and durable

I have used this during the Covid19 pandemic, which forced me to fish solo in the Twin Cities. Many bus trips and Uber, lugging my pared-down gear to & from deserted fishing holes around town. Not exotic, but enjoyable nonetheless-- and this box served me well for the selection of flies I needed.

Mix and Match and Very Pleased

I began with the monthly fly crate subscription and was never disappointed by the quality or selection prepared by Nathaniel and the Fly Crate team Now I am a mix and match member choosing those flies that are particular to the variety of water we have in Missouri One again great quality with superior service from the Fly Crate Team. Many Thanks!!


This is THE go to fly on the Guadalupe River, not sure where the fish are? Tie on a Rainbow Warrior and swing a few, you'll find em. Ordered for an upcoming trip cause I didnt have any in my box. Great Price, Great Product, cant wait to get em wet!

Bass Monthly Box
Noel Ridge
Nice Looking Bass flys

I havent Fished these yet, however they look great as far as i can tell. i joined the fly of the month club bass for 16.99 a month (found a coupon) to start filling out my fly collection as i am new to fly fishing. the last 2 times i wend out on my boat i couls see everything hiting the bugs on the top water and the bass seem to be ignoring my lures so i got me a kasking starter combo and a fly box subscription and they seem to be nicely made, tied tight and have sharp hooks. i will see how they fish soon. cicada fly size 4 and 6, danncing ffrog 2 and 6, crayfish black eyes 4 and 6

Absolute Money!

This pink bead head pheasant tail will catch trout, period. I’ve used it in 3 rivers throughout VA and NC and it produces.

Guarantee bites

When the bite is slow I throw on the squirmy wormy and pretty much always get some action. These are also very durable, the flies hold up even after dozens of eats.

Perfect Tricos

If there was a dictionary with a definition of a Trico spinner, it would have a picture of these little beauties.

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