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Overworked Cicada
Richard Lisi
Realistic Cicada Flies

Although I have not fished the cicadas, at this time, I expect good results, if presented properly. In addition, I was very impressed with your small business model.
My order arrived very quickly and included a few unexpected extras, even though it was a small order. It's always a pleasure to deal with businesses like yours that
are so customer oriented with excellent products.

Regards & Tight Lines, Dick Lisi

John White
Essential pattern

The Klinkhammer is one of my “go to” flies. I would recommend having plenty in different sizes and colors (I mainly use size14-16).They work everywhere! The Klinkhammers from FlyCrate are great quality and price.


The tungsten bead gets this caddis imitation down fast, and the fish think it's a piece of yummy cotton candy. It's become a "go-to" nymph for me here in Southern California. After I write this review, I'm buying so more!

Sexy Walt's Worm
Tom Roble
Must have

This is a very well tied fly. It held up to numerous fish including this big rainbow. Highly recommend.

maurice mahler
great work!

Dear John - Thank you for your wonderful Excellent Flies!
The Veterans we Take Fishing as members of "PROJECT HEALING WATERS" will enjoy trying them at our next trip to The Pequest Hatchery here in New Jersey!
Sincerely Prof.Maurice Mahler

Elk Hair Caddis
John White
Elk Hair - Must have

The elk hair caddis is a must have. Works great and easy to see and they are everywhere . I use these in size 14 and 16. Highly recommended.

Essential fly to have

Works great! I have caught many trout on this.
Highly recommended.

Tungsten Bead Zebra Midge
Allen Zimmerman

High quality flies!

Another Quality Fly

As a first time customer I was leery of the quality of the flies based on the price. I was very pleasantly surprised when I received them.
I will be using The Fly Crate as my supplier of flies in the future. I have already passed their info to several fly fishing friends of mine and have no reluctance doing so as I can’t buy this quality of a fly (even from the Orvis store).

Dark Hendrickson
Lawrence Ash
Quality Flies at a great price

Every fly pattern that I have purchased has been tied by a professional !
You will not be disappointed when purchasing flies from The Fly Crate. I know I will be buying all of my flies from them in the future…

Olive Flash Perdigon
Carl Achenbach

Absolutely love it! Thank you so much…

Not very effective as a flotant.

I did not find the High and Dry Flotant to be nearly as effective as the gel.

I appreciate the honesty on the powder vs the gel floatant! The powder definitely does need to be reapplied many times as the flies sheds the powder. I find the gel to be effective at getting absorbed by the fly materials itself.

Greatest fly fishing small business on the internet

I love doing business with this company. Great products and fast turnaround and shipping. I even love receiving their emails!


Excellent service, shipping and products. 100 percent recommended. Thanks


My order (Perdidgon) came to me on time and perfect condition. Can't wait to fish with this fly.

Some BWO Action

I'm still learning this addictive sport. Finally got a chance to use these high quality flies. The trout in Pennsylvania's Yellow Breeches we're showing no interest in a variety of nymphs. A few were rising so I switched to the BWO, and caught a couple browns. Fun stuff! The BWO Parachute was easy to follow as it drifted. So cool to see the trout rise up a take your fly.

Great leaders

Very well constructed and colored sections significantly aid judgment of depth of fly. Second purchase of these excellent leaders.

Excellent for moving large fish

I fish a river where you could hook small native brookies, wild browns of all sizes, and stockies of all sizes, all in the same hole. It's pretty amazing - but fish get a lot thrown at them.

I chucked the kitchen sink at a 24"+ rainbow trying to match the hatch, and it didn't consider anything until I threw this super buggy golden stonefly pattern. What a fly. I love all of Newbury's ties. Get yourself some of these and some dirty hipsters.

Tight lines folks.

Conehead Muddler Minnow
Roger Craddock
These are great.

I lost one fishing so I needed to order more they work great

Copper John
John P

Caught a very nice rainbow with a Newbury Dirty Hipster Olive.
The Fly Crate is the go-to source for fly selection and price.

Tungsten Jig Bugger
Joshua Quinn
Great quality

Caught a ton of native browns in northern PA, even in fast water this thing works great quickly becoming one of my favorite flies

Attention getter

Use this as top fly on my tandom nymph rig. I have caught a few fish on it but I use it just to get a fishes attention. The seem to take the bottom nymph 98% of the time. But I am sure they see this little guy before the other.

Tunggy bead eggs for breakfast.

Triple egg omelets for the gold bars.

Mystery 24 Flies
Shannon Mecham
Mystery flies

Worth every penny! Can’t wait to get out and try them!

Good Small Streamer

Used this in black color. Threw it on a creek that was high and tainted from heavy rains. Caught 5 rainbows in less than an hour including this 15!incher! Lots of action on the tail, seems like the marabou tail is softer then regular wooly buggers I have used which makes for more movement. Another winner from the fly crate!

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