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Woolly Bugger
Always satisfied

I've been buying products from fly Crate for a few years now always satisfied with my purchases.

Always satisfied

I've been buying products from fly Crate for a few years now always satisfied with my purchases.

Muddy Buddy
Bonface Akapia
Tying flies fishing

I'm interested to products flies fishing

Muddy Buddy
First fish, first fly

I started fly fishing last summer and this was the fly I used to catch my first fish! Have used it ever since then and it’s seen tons of action from smallmouth bass to northern pike.

Quality flies and prompt delivery.

Psycho Prince Nymph
Matthew Driscoll
Pretty Fly

Haven’t tried this fly yet but it is well made. Great colors.

Well made fly

Very Happy with this fly.

RX Pill Sticker
Nick Scalo
All time favorite

Just an all time great mantra

One cool ass sticker

This is just cool lol. Love the design. Just speaks to catching that exceptional trout. O and donuts are awesome

Blowtorch Jig
Nick Scalo
Awesome fly!

Bought a few of these bad boys recently and I’m so pumped to use them! Feel like it’s a great color scheme and very cool aesthetic.

Quarterly Fly Club
Nathan Pund
Absolutely Fantastic!

Me and my 13 year old son are new to the sport and having these season specific flies sent each quarter is a godsend. Absolutely spot on for what trout are seeking! Plus all of the information and explanation is terrific and really helps newbies like us better understand and learn. Thank you!

Copper John
Fly Crate purchase

I bought numerous flies for a drift scheduled on the Chetco river in Oregon. All the flies were tied meticulously and were delivered quickly!
The packaging was also top shelf. I look forward to presenting these beauties and seeing what happens. The Fly Crate is definitely my go to store for future purchases!!

Slim Silicone Box
Robert Zundel
Responsive and very good quality

I’ve tied saltwater flies for decades and proud of my flies. Was hesitant to tie trout flies due to my aging and shaking hands so purchased from the Fly Crate. Good quality hooks and sound tying techniques; delighted with purchase. Excellent product.

Sculpin Assortment
robert kapostins
Fly review

Well constructed flies, I am looking forward to using them

Tippet Rings
Andrew Heberle
Tippet rings

Love these things, saves on leaders when changing tippets.

Honey Badger Jig
John Kinabrew
FlyCrate Review

I am new to fishing in cold water streams for trout, having spent many decades fishing in warmer waters for redfish, speckled trout, bass etc.
Fly Crate has been a great resource (an easy, reliable way) to build up my fly inventory for the waters in North Georgia as I get advice from experienced
anglers in the several groups I have joined.
Each order has been filled quickly, accurately, and sent with images of the flys as on the website (a very helpful touch that allows me to identify flies about 1/10th the sizeof the smallest popping bug I have ever used).

Really nice flies

I have used this shop now a couple times and so far all their flies are made great, they hold together just all around good quality, and convenient to not have to tie them myself. Since I’m not that good. But again convenient and fast you can’t ask for much more.

Squirmy worm

These look great! Haven’t used them yet but I think they’ll work on more than trout. I’m going to see how crappie and brim like them. Heck, I think bass will inhale this rig.

Oros Strike Indicators
Andrew Heberle
Pro’s float indicators

I purchased the medium and small size. Small size I use for trout fishing small clear streams. The medium I use on bigger bodies of water. These are great and easy to use.

Quarterly Fly Club
Angela Walker
Great assortment

Gave this as a Christmas gift. He loved that it comes with information about the flies. He enjoyed the 3 stickers. He looks forward to the next box (I gifted him the quarterly boxes for a year).

Nice selection

Good selection which I used in assembling fly rod gear for grandsons this Christmas as one of their presents.

Squirmy Wormy Assortment
Squirmy Worms

Great products and packaging.

Griffith's Gnat
Eric Cole
Not assembly line products... but works of art and craftsmanship.

I bought a handful of flies from The Fly Crate. They arrived quickly and were reasonably priced, so I was surprised as I poured them out of the package, to see that each fly was genuinely beautiful! I tie most my own flies these days, so I appreciate the difference between a quickly thrown 'work fly', and something you spend some time on. I got a few scuds and midges from 'the crate' and was genuinely delighted by the craftsmanship, even in something as mundane as a bead-head midge. These guys put something special into their work, and it shows. (The winter-trout took notice as well!).


I love the packaging of your flies. I especially appreciate the that the flies are displayed next to their name and size. I have fished for years and still have a problem associating a fly to its name. This really helps! Thanks to this, maybe one day I will get it.

Late Spring Fly Pack
robert kapostins
Looking forward to trying these

Well tied assortment of flys

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