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The Improved Squirmy Wormy fly is the redesigned version for better durability and brighter colors.

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  • Worm Red
  • Pink
  • Tan
  • Purple
  • 12
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The Squirmy Wormy 2.0 version. New and improved with chenille wrap on the body for durability and contrasting beads for great color combinations. These worm flies will last longer and still provide the fantastic wiggling movement squirmy wormy flies offer. Many say that using Squirmy Wormies is cheating, but aquatic worms are totally natural and are a select part of a trout’s diet. Squirmy Wormies offer the best of both worlds, they get down and know how to squirm. Many anglers use this fly as their first and last resort. Add it as a dropper or your lead fly.


Worm Red, Pink, Tan, Purple



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