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Para PMD


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A classic fly pattern great of PMD hatches.

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A great imitation for Pale Morning Duns and Pale Evening Duns. These parachute patterns are designed to sit flush, which is great for imitating spinners, crippled duns, and emergers.

This is a classic pattern that works perfectly for PMD hatches throughout the country. The parachute allows it to ride high in the water, even when fishing faster riffles that can sink most other dry flies. One of the great bonuses for the Para PMD is that it can imitate multiple stages of the life cycle, whether that be an adult drying its wings on the surface or a spent PMD dropping eggs. For that reason, it has incredible value to anglers since it can be used throughout a PMD hatch, rather than sticking strictly to one phase of the hatch before it loses value as the bugs switch to spent spinners.

A favorite way to fish this pattern is in tandem with another dry fly, such as a caddis. Since both insects hatch at about the same time of year, it’s a way to not only double our chances at a fish, but as a way to easily locate the flies out in the water. The Para PMD can also be fished on a dead-drift or with a little movement. That’s especially true when the spinners start to fall and drop their eggs on the water. Although it’s not normally the case with mayfly imitations, adding that movement, either with a line strip or rod wiggle, is a perfect way to get that strike response from a trout!

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