Scavenger Fly: A Treasure Hunt For Fly Fishers

Scavenger Fly: A Treasure Hunt For Fly Fishers

Scavenger Fly, started by fly angler Aaron Przybylski, is half hide-and-seek, half treasure hunt for fly fishers. What started out as a fly swapping station among friends became much more.

The original Scavenger Fly box was actually a plastic baggie with a pile of flies, some paper, and a pen.  Quickly, other fly fishers found the bag and started participating in the trading of flies and sharing their stories.  This growing interest, excitement, and sense of adventure is what Scavenger Fly is built on.

“Half hide-and-seek, half treasure hunt for fly fishers.”

Scavenger Fly provides participants with an orange, waterproof fly box loaded with six random hand-tied flies, a log book with instructions and a pencil. Once you receive a box, your job is to place the box near a favorite fishing spot and hint to its location using photos and the #scavengerfly on social media (like Instagram) or simply through word of mouth. Once a box is found by a fellow angler, they will open it and follow the instructions.


  1. Take a fly from this box, add one from yours.
  2. If you take a fly without leaving one, please pick up 5 pieces of trash on your way out. (Not as punishment, just as good environmental stewardship).
  3. Take a photo of your find and post it to social media using #ScavengerFly.
  4. Sign this book with your name, date, and a story behind the fly you’re leaving. Lies are encouraged.
  5. Fish on.

If you ever find a box, swap a fly or two, return the box to where you found it, and enjoy the rest of your day on the water. The instructions also encourage anglers to pick up some trash on their way out, hopefully helping to keep our waters cleaner than how they were found.

With each Scavenger Fly box, not only are you strengthening the fly fishing community by encouraging a bit of fun while trying to keep our waters cleaner, but you are donating to clean river organizations. Currently, 15% of all proceeds will be donated to the foundations that help keep the recreational waters we all love clean and healthy.

Healthy water means healthy fish. Healthy fish mean happy anglers.

Clean up. Share. Have Fun.

Learn where you can find Scavenger Fly boxes near you, here.

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