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Crystal Candy Jig

Crystal Candy Jig


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An all-purpose wide-gapped jiggy nymph ideal for fast water and big fish.

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Prepare to embark on a remarkable fishing journey with our Crystal Candy Jig. Expertly hand-tied with meticulous attention to detail, this perdigon fly is a game-changer on the water.

At the heart of the Crystal Candy Jig lies a dense tungsten bead. Its purpose? To ensure your fly sinks quickly and accurately to the desired depth, right where the fish are lurking. Whether you’re targeting elusive trout in deep pools or enticing grayling in fast currents, this perdigon’s rapid descent gives you the edge.

We care about the environment and the well-being of our aquatic friends. That’s why the Crystal Candy Jig features a barbless jig hook. It facilitates easy and safe catch-and-release while maintaining the hookset strength you need to secure your catch.

Our Crystal Candy Jig is available in two captivating colors – “Orange” and “Blue.” Whether you’re mimicking aquatic insects or tempting fish with a dash of vibrant color, these options ensure you’re prepared for any fishing situation.

Elevate your fly fishing experience with the Crystal Candy Jig. It’s more than just a fly; it’s your ticket to landing that trophy catch and preserving the waters we love. Add this exceptional perdigon fly to your tackle box today and watch your success soar.

  • Jig Hooks
  • Tungsten Beaded

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