Grub Perdigon

Grub Perdigon

Grub Perdigon


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A heavier caddis larva and cranefly grub imitation with a hard perdigon body for long tight-line drifts.

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Prepare to revolutionize your fly fishing experience with the Grub Perdigon – a game-changer in the world of perdigon flies. Precision-tied and expertly designed, this heavy and slim white grub fly is your key to success on the water.

At the core of the Grub Perdigon is a tungsten bead, ensuring rapid and controlled descent through the water. Whether you’re chasing trout in deep pools or tempting grayling in fast currents, this fly’s ability to get down to the action quickly is unparalleled.

We are committed to responsible angling. The Grub Perdigon is equipped with a barbless scud hook, ensuring easy and safe catch-and-release while maintaining a robust hookset for a secure connection with your catch.

The Grub Perdigon’s slim profile and white grub design mimic a variety of aquatic larvae and cranefly grubs, making it irresistible to a wide range of fish species.

The Grub Perdigon’s unique combination of slimness and weight makes it a highly effective perdigon fly. Its streamlined design allows for precise presentations, and its substantial weight ensures it gets to where the fish are holding.

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