Author - Nathaniel Treichler

Quick Fly Fishing Tips for the Summer Insect Hatches

Table Of Contents Tips for the SummerCaddis FliesPale Morning Duns (PMDs)TricosMidgesStonefliesBlue-Winged Olives (BWOs) Tips for Summer Fly Fishing Go Early or Stay Late: Best fishing occurs early in the morning with the Trico spinner fall and nymphing. Or, in the late afternoon and evening with more mayflies, caddis flies, and stoneflies.Start With...

Nymphing Flies to Trout in the Spring

Table Of Contents Where to fish in murky water.What nymphs should I use?How should I rig my flies?How to fish fast flows.Using weight in the spring runoff.Presenting flies to trout in high water. Where should I fish when the water is murky? Deep along the bottom. This is where the trout are...

stonefly insect on arm fly fishing

How Do You Match Flies to the Hatch?

What does a hatch mean in fly fishing? When a "hatch" is happening it means that aquatic insects found in the stream, river, lake, or pond are emerging from the water in great abundance. Usually, you'll find insects drifting on or taking flight from the water's surface. Take a look...

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